My 2019 fitness and health goals


It's the beginning of the year and the most popular time of year when people set resolutions tied to living a healthier lifestyle.  I know this is true because I went to the gym for the first time in the new year this week and the parking lot was so packed that I secured the last parking spot available. 

While in my Kickboxing class, I started thinking about my fitness goals for 2019. What healthy intentions do I want to set for myself in the New Year? 

1. Try new workouts 

I love working out because it's a huge stress reliever for me. My typical workout routine includes Kickboxing, Strength Training, Strong by Zumba, Yoga, and an occasional spin class at my neighborhood YMCA. In 2019, I want to incorporate new workouts into my fitness routine. I recently won a year-long membership to a new fitness club in Atlanta called Fit Atlanta. They host exclusive members only workouts, so I think this is a great way meet new people while testing out new workouts. 

2. Start utilizing my WW membership

I've been a WW ( formerly Weight Watchers) member for about six years now. I pay for a monthly membership and have the app on my phone. I have moments when I'm really good about tracking my points,  but then I slip with logging everything in. I don't want to waste my money so I'm determined to get back on track and meet my weight loss goals.

3. Workout with friends more

When the weather gets warmer I want to start working out with my friends more. Before the holidays a friend and I worked out together. She attended my kickboxing class while I lifted weights with her. It's all about compromise and challenging each other. 

4. Start developing healthier recipes for the blog  

In 2018, I held off on developing any new recipes because I wanted to really focus on the rebrand of the blog.  I have a list of recipes I've been wanting to develop for the blog that are affordable and easy to make. So stay tuned for new recipes on the blog. 

5. Work on my yoga teacher certification 

I've said for a while that I wanted to obtain my yoga practitioner certification. I'm determined to start it at the end of 2019. I love practicing yoga and want to eventually become an instructor. 

6. Bring my lunch everyday  

Since I started my new job 7 months ago, I said I was going to bring my lunch every day. I’ve failed at this so far. It's easy for me to grab lunch from our cafeteria downstairs or order something from Uber eaTs. Eating out adds up and when I looked at my budget to see how much I spent on take out each week its ridiculous.  I could be saving for a vacation or paying off my debt. So this year, I'm planning to bring my lunch everyday. 

What are your fitness goals for 2019?