Women's Health Magazine Action Hero


I am excited to announce that I've been selected by Women's Health Magazine to join their 2016 Action Hero program. I've been handpicked by their magazine team to serve as a brand ambassador. I will be representing the magazine with several other bloggers, fitness professionals, social media influencers, and readers from around the world. 

As a brand ambassador for the magazine, I will have the opportunity to blog for Women's Health a couple of times a month and collaborate with the publication on special projects. The big part of this announcement is that I will be representing the Atlanta area as an ambassador at their Run 10 Feed 10 race later this year. So you'll be following along with as I train for my first 10k in the fall of 2016. I'll be blogging about my journey for training for my first 10k and my experience as a Women's Health Magazine Action Hero. 

There is also an opportunity for my readers to get involved with the program and the race later this year. I'll be announcing how you participate later in May. So stay tuned!