Why I decided to give up shopping for the year

Why I decide to join the no shopping for a year challenge. 


Last week I started thinking about my 2019 savings goals and looking at line items that I could cut out of my budget. One of my biggest line items was my shopping expenses. I’m a shopaholic and continue to add to my wardrobe on a monthly basis. Writing this blog post was hard because I'm truly putting myself out here. So I've decided that I need to minimize some areas of my life and shopping is one area that's got to go. I also started looking at my wardrobe and realized I have way too many clothes. I discovered a lot of these fashion trends are beginning to look the same. For example, I have the same jacket from a major retailer but in two different colors. One came out in the spring and the other in the fall. So these new fashion trends aren't really new. 

Another reason for this no shopping for a year challenge is that I've run out of room in my drawers and closet. I’ve spent the last week reorganizing my closet and donating stuff I no longer wear. There’s still is a lot that I need to purge and donate. My hope is that I can truly shop my closet. 

I know that you're thinking how can a lifestyle and fashion blogger go without shopping for a year. The irony is I'm supposed to showcase the latest trends here on the blog which I'll still do but in a different way. It's going to be a struggle but I'm up for the challenge and it will make for good content. I’m craving a minimalist lifestyle in 2019. 

Here are the rules for no shopping for a year:

1. No shopping includes clothing and accessories.

2. I can purchase new underwear as needed.

3. I'll showcase what I wore each week in a roundup on the blog.  (starting soon)

4. I'll do a quarterly check-in here to update my progress. 

My goal is to really shop my closet and see how creative I can get with my wardrobe. 

Could you go a year without shopping? Comment below