7 Instagram book clubs you need to join

Instagram Book Clubs

Book clubs are back and are hotter than ever online. Oprah even just announced she’s partnering with Apple to create an exclusive book club channel for Apple TV users. There’s a whole community of book lovers sharing their latest reads online.  Need some inspiration to pick up a good book? Head to Instagram to create your next reading list. #bookstagram, #booksarelife, #booklover are totally a thing right now and a conversation every book lover needs to be a part of. It’s also a great place to find your community and connect with your fellow literature lovers online.

So today I’m sharing a list of Instagram book clubs you need to follow ASAP.

Reese Witherspoon's Book Club x Hello Sunshine

Reese’s Book Club is amazing! Her book club is authenticly Reese. Each month she chooses a book that celebrates stories about women written by female authors.

Well-Read Black Girl

Well-Read Black Girl is more than just a book club, it’s a movement celebrating phenomenal black women.


Emma Roberts Book Club Belletrist is another great account that celebrates unknown female authors.

Penguin Books

I applaud top publishing houses like Penguin Random House Books for thinking out of the box when trying to find new avenues to reach their target audience. Penguin Random House shares daily updates with sneak peeks of the latest titles from their authors.

Pure Wow Book Club

I love that the Pure Wow book club showcases a variety of book genres on their Instagram account. So if you’re looking for YA fiction, a thriller, or a romance novel to read they’ve got something for everyone in their book club. They also host amazing book giveaways every Wednesday.

Bad on Paper podcast

I discovered the Bad on Paper podcast a few months ago through Grace Atwood’s blog. Each month they pick a new book to read. I love their humor on the podcast; it feels like I’m sitting at the table having a conversation with friends about the books we love. Their Instagram account is even better.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Book Club

I had no clue SJP had a book club until someone on the Today Show mentioned it. She shares her favorite reads on her Instagram account pretty often. So if you are an SJP fan you must check out her book choices.

Did I leave someone off the list? Comment below with your favorite accounts to follow for reading recommendations.