How to pack for your first yoga festival + A giveaway


This weekend I'm heading to Wanderlust Atlanta! I'm so excited about attending this festival because this has been an item I've meant to cross off on my bucket list for years. The 2-day festival is jammed packed with yoga classes, wellness sessions, and live music. This year's event is being held at Piedmont Park. I'm looking to forward to all of the activities planned and connecting with some of my fellow yogis! ( scroll down to see how you can win the opportunity to join me)

For first time attendees, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my go tos when packing for a yoga festival.

  1. A lightweight yoga mat- the last thing you want to do is carry around a heavy yoga mat all day at the festival. I have a couple of yoga mats in my possession, but I have a lighter yoga mat from Nike that I love. 

  2. A towel- You never know what the weather conditions are going to be like at the festival, a towel can help you from sliding all over your mat if the weather forecast is less than desirable. 

  3. Refillable water bottle- A refillable water will instantly become your best friend because you'll want to stay hydrated throughout the day. Most likely they'll have water stations scattered throughout out the park that you can refill your bottle with water at any time. 

  4. Sunscreen- Since you're going to be outside for long periods throughout the day, it is important that pack sunscreen to protect your skin. 

  5. Healthy Snacks- Snacks are optional because probably have plenty of food options at the festival but it's always great to bring a few of your own.

And lastly, have fun and make new friends!  

If you are in Atlanta and want to attend, I've partnered with Wanderlust to give one lucky reader a chance to win one two-day pass. Fill out the form below.