40 Days to Personal Revolution: Why I decided to do this challenge

I've practiced yoga inconsistently for the past four years. I love practicing but just finding time to fit yoga into my schedule has been a challenge. So one of my 2018 goals is to deepen my yoga practice.

During the holidays, I saw an advertisement on Facebook that my favorite yoga studio in Atlanta, Active Sol Yoga was hosting a 40-day yoga challenge. I thought this is the perfect way to set a good intention for the New Year and work on my goals. Once I'm committed to something I am usually all in. So I kicked off my 40days on Sunday with a small group session at the studio.

During the next 40 days, I'll be joining several others around the world who are following the 40 days to Personal Revolution program by Baron Baptiste. This program follows the Baron Baptiste style of yoga. So each day throughout the 40 days I will practice yoga, meditate, follow a clean eating diet plan, journal daily, attend weekly small group meetings at the studio and read the 40 days to Personal Revolution book by Baron Baptiste. I'll be sharing weekly recaps here on the blog along with some clean eating recipes. Each week has a different intention for your practice that you should focus. 

Committing to yoga for 40 days is a huge task and accomplishment. So during this 40 days, I'll have to make some sacrifices like limiting social media use and cutting some things out of my schedule. But as I said before I love yoga but the challenge has been fitting it into my schedule. But as we discussed in my small group session, it's about making time for your practice. Even its just 20 minutes in the morning before work. 

I'm at the point in my life where I'm figuring out what I want for my life and my future. So I'm balancing priorities and shifting my focus toward accomplishing my long-term goals. That means figuring out my career goals, my intentions for this blog, and how I want to continue to grow as an individual. I'm in my early thirties and childless so I think the timing for this is right. 

The theme for week 1 is presence. I love that because one of my 2018 goals is to work on being present over perfect.  So I'll be sharing how week 1 went next week. 

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