How to style flowers


Today is the last day of summer. This summer has been really good to me and as much I love fall I wish we had a few weeks left to soak up the summer sun. To celebrate the last day of summer, Pro Flowers sent me these gorgeous pink roses. This was my first time receiving pink roses in the mail and I must say it was love at first sight. They bloomed so pretty that I can't take my eyes off them. A friend of mine gave me tips on how to style fresh flowers in a vase so these could stand out perfectly in my home. I usually pick up fresh flowers from my grocery store at least twice a month. Buying flowers for your home adds something special to space. 

  1. Pick the perfect vase that matches your style- I chose the brilliant cut glass vase from Proflowers because the ornate details in the vase really add a glamourous touch to the room. 
  2. Prep them well- I have to admit until she gave me advice on what to do I usually just cut the flowers about 1/2 inch down and put them in water. But you should also prune the flowers by removing the leaves and thorns. Another tip is to remove the leaves and guard petals. 
  3. Pick a color that makes the room pop- Pink, purple, red, blue, yellow- All great colors to add a pop of color to your home. I chose pink roses because there is something sexy and sophisticated about this bouquet. 

How are you enjoying the last days of summer?

**These flowers were sent to me complimentary by Proflowers