8 Podcasts you must listen to


Some days it’s hard to get motivated at work so I have to listen to something on the computer while I work in my office. I usually listen to music while I work but my company has restrictions on what we can listen. I recently started listen to podcasts to get me through the workday. Podcasts are becoming very popular after the whole Serial surge last year. I’ve discovered several new and old noteworthy podcast that all foodies, fashionistas, and lifestyle enthusiasts will enjoy. Today I’m sharing 8 of my favorite podcasts.

For the Foodies: 

Splendid Table: Splendid table has gotten me through several long road trips to the middle of no where. American Public Radio host Lynne Kasper covers a variety of topics related to food with a little humor. Each episode I learn something new. At the end of the show listeners can call in and asks questions they have about food. Yesterday I learn that you could use avocados in hummus as a substitute for tahini. 

Dinner Party Download: I just discovered Dinner Party Download a few weeks ago when I started researching new podcasts. This podcast doesn't always focus on food. It takes you through the scene of a dinner party so you follow along each course as you would if you were sitting at a meal with friends.

For the Fashionistas:

Fashion Friends: Fashion Friends is a podcast hosted by Jena Gambaccini, blogger from ChiCityFashion. Jena interviews guests from the fashion industry. 

Glamour magazine-What I Wore When: As a former brand ambassador for Glamour magazine, I was excited when I discovered this podcast. What I Wore When interviews the magazines editors, designers, celebrities, and brave women about what they wore in pivotal moments in their lives.  

American Fashion:American Fashion is an in-depth focus on the fashion industry. The show interviews everyone involved in the design process from the designers, the buyers, the photographers, the rising stars in the industry. 

For the Lifestyle Enthusiasts:

Marriage is Funny: Jessie from the blog Style and Pepper recently launched a podcast with her husband about married life called Marriage is Funny. Although I'm not married just yet, I find this podcast enlightening and funny to listen to. They are currently embarking on a cross country road trip as they are moving from New York to California. 

The Dave Ramsey Show: Earlier this year I finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University program in order to become debt free over the next two years. Dave's podcast focuses on everyday issues people face when it comes to money. Listeners can call in and ask questions about their finances. 

Girl on Guy: I had no clue actress Aisha Tyler had a podcast. Love her! Her podcast Girl on Guy is about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl.It's pretty hilarious 

Did I miss any? I would love to hear what podcasts you are listening to.