Getting Fit with Pure Barre Platform


If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you know I like to workout. I try to stick to a regular fitness routine by working out at least three times a week because staying fit in your thirties can be hard. My workout routine consists of high-intensity interval training, yoga, and barre classes. I love taking barre classes and I’ve tried all of the barre studios in Atlanta. I have a few favorites but recently became obsessed with my local Pure Barre studio in Vinings.

Pure Barre offers two types of classes: a regular barre class and Pure Barre Platform, an intense cardio fitness class. Pure Barre launched Pure Barre Platform earlier this year. I’ve fallen in love with Pure Barre’s new cardio class. It’s everything I needed with a combination of cardio and barre. When starting this class I was told to throw out everything I learned in my regular Pure Barre class and that there will be large movements and little to no tucks. If you haven’t taken a Pure Barre class they have a signature movement where you tuck your hips in.

If you are looking to burn a ton of calories in a less than hour Pure Barre Platform is the class for you. On average I’ve burned at least 500 calories in one session.Pure Barre Platform is this generation’s step aerobic class. Pure Barre Platform tests your limits, raises your heart rate, and is a ton of fun.

I highly recommend you book a class by downloading the Mind.Body.Fitness app. 

*Pure Barre provided me with a temporary membership to try their new Pure Barre Platform classes. These opinions are my own