Something Borrowed Something Blue

Two decades ago, when my great grandmother Charlotte passed away, we were able to go through her Victorian style home and collect a few things that we wanted to keep in our personal possessions. I chose her collection of scarves. I instantly gravitated toward a pink cloth box filled with scarves.

For years, I really never used the scarves they’ve just sat in the original box at my parents’ home. Somehow magically, this blue silk scarf made its way to my condo during my move six years ago. It’s been tucked away with my belongings and I recently rediscovered that I had it. Now that scarves are back in fashion and I can’t wait to wear them with my wardrobe. This vintage silk blue scarf looks great with summer denim and whites.

When thinking about summer staples in my closet that this blue scarf would work well with, I immediately thought of this Old Navy denim jumpsuit. I brought this jumpsuit last summer and have only worn it a couple of times since I brought it. The great thing about doing a year without shopping is you can get use out of items you’ve never worn.