Don't you wish this was your office? Take a peek into the Urban Outfitters headquarters

I love my job and what I do for a living!  But taking a look at the Urban Outfitters headquarters 330 square foot located at the historic Navy yard in Philadelphia, makes me wish we could swap offices once in a while. The Urban Outfitters Corporation also owns Free People and Anthropologie which is also housed in this amazing facility. The facility houses over 600 employees and includes a gym, yoga studio, dog park, and farmers’ market. The architects wanted the look and feel of the building to stay cohesive with the branding of the company. In a case study on the design of the building published in HQ magazine cites the architect's thoughts behind their design. “We didn’t want it to feel like an office building. We wanted it to feel like a workshop,” explains Scherer. “It’s all about discussion, talking about trends, critiquing each other’s work. The spaces are all designed to facilitate collaboration.”

In all of the buildings employees work in light-filled interiors with open layout and most of the furnishings are custom-made and eco-friendly. I love shopping at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie just imagine the perks of working for this company. The total cost of this project was $100 Million dollars.