Rainy day essentials


The weather forecast in Atlanta for the next 7 days has projected that it will rain everyday this week. The local meteorologists say it will be a while before we see sunny skies and that we should get our rainy day gear ready. So let’s pull out our rain boots, umbrellas, and rain coats because it’s going to be a wet and dreary week. In honor of Atlanta turning into Seattle for the week, I’m sharing a few of my rainy day essentials that help me get through any rainstorm.

Rain boots

Rain boots are an essential item that every woman needs in their wardrobe. No one wants to walk into the office with wet shoes that need to dry. I have two pairs of rain boots. A short pair that I wear even on non-rainy day and a tall pair that wear when I want to change into another pair of shoes.

A waterproof trench coat

Last year I purchased this waterproof trench coat from Target’s A New Day collection. It's been the perfect addition to my wardrobe for rainy days like this one. Here's a similar one from Banana Republic.

An umbrella

I'm notorious for losing or breaking my umbrella. I literally have to replace one at least once a year. But i’ve fallen in love with this clear umbrella and have added it to my list to purchase when my next once breaks or gets left somewhere.

Anti-humidity spray

Oribe’s Anti-Humidity Spray has been a game changer for my hair these days. It helps prevent frizz and shields your hair from humidity. I discovered this magic spray while getting blowouts at Dreamdry. I spray this on my hair right after I get my hair blow dried. I also have travel size that I carry in my purse.

Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is great for rainy days. Just in case you forgot an umbrella and needed to run to your destination. Your hair may be wet by the time you arrive , but at least you arrived smudge free. I currently loveI this Whiplash mascara from Ever Skin Care. It adds volume to your eyelashes and it's waterproof.