Cool Conversations with Chef G. Garvin

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Celebrity Chef G. Garvin to talk to him about his partnership with Allstate for the Give it Up for Good Campaign and his love of food. 

Can you tell me about your partnership with Allstate for the Give it Up for Good Campaign? The Give it Up for Good Campaign is about sharing great positive stories of local heroes who are changing lives in their communities that may not be getting the recognition they deserve.

Can you tell me about your new show on the Travel Challenge called the Underground BBQ Challenge? What are some of the cities you visited? I had a great time filming the show Underground BBQ Challenge. I traveled across the country to some of America's best BBQ cities. The show challenges neighbors vs neighbors in a BBQ cook off. The contestants are given ingredients and a menu to plan a party. It gets interesting because there is also a wild card thrown into the mix. I visited Kansas City, St.Louis, Miami, Austin, and more. Each city has it own flare and way of cooking BBQ. 

Will you still be working with the Cooking Channel? Yes, I am fortunate enough to still have a great relationship with the Cooking Channel

I love entertaining friends and family members, what are you recommendations on menu ideas that are quick, easy, and affordable? I love serving one bite meals to guests like Ceviche, Tuna Tartare, Stuffed Shrimp, Lamb Chops, and Chicken Lollipops. 

You are an Atlanta native, what are some of your favorite places to go eat around town when you are in town? Atlanta has some great restaurants and a few of my favorites are Local Three, Watershed, King & Duke, Umi, Atlanta Fish Market, Canoe

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