City Guide: Seattle, Washington

 In today's city guide series we are going to Seattle, Washington with Christina from Happy or Else

Seattle is my favorite city to visit! The only reason you’ll be sleepless in Seattle will be because there is too much to do! I loved visiting so much that I decided to live here one year for my husband’s work! Come visit in the summer for outdoor sunny days or winter for coffee shops and art galleries. The food is incredible all year round and you will find your favorite stores along with cool local jewelry makers and vintage boutiques.

You can see the magnificent Space Needle from many points in the city. Take a night trip to the top. You’ll gain a new perspective. Plus it is super romantic-even if you go with a friend.

Pike’s Market is located downtown and on the water. It is home to mouth-watering bakeries (Piroshky Piroshky-get the marzipan roll), the first Starbucks, fresh flowers, crafts and of course the freshest seafood. It’s bustling and fun. Ask the fisherman to throw a big wet fish for you to catch! You can buy some shrimp cocktail and walk through the market while munching. Sample the pepper jellies and pick one up for your suitcase. I love serving them with cream cheese and crackers.

Be sure to check out the “Gum Wall,” around the corner.

Grab a coffee or chai charger (chai tea latte with a shot of espresso-pictured below with Chris’ sister, Mattie). There is a local coffee shop every few feet!

Enjoy the beautiful skyline on a sunset cruise with Let’s Go Sailing. Bring some snacks and wine you picked up while walking through the market and relax. That’s the Seattle Great Wheel back there!

In the summer there’s a festival practically every weekend. Here’s a cool mobile shop called Fashion Bar set up in West Seattle.

Expect to see some pups everywhere, even in stores. Seattle is extremely dog friendly. Those sweaters were sooo soft and drapey!

Ballard is a favorite Seattle neighborhood for hipster dining.


is perfect for fancy cocktails and rich small plates in a swanky vintage atmosphere. Think champagne cups with a staff of handle bar mustaches and cat-eye glasses.

Order an Alpini Smash: bourbon, cherry, lemon, mint and cane. It makes me feel old-fashioned, fancy and festive.

The heirloom and white anchovy bruschetta is so richly flavored and makes me feel like I have a sophisticated palate!

Living in Seattle has felt like one big vacation this year with all the of the special occasion/themed/incredible ambiance restaurants, evergreen backdrop, busy city center and cultural activities (the symphony rocks BTW and the music scene is out of control).