Bloom Where You Are Planted


As I approach my 32nd birthday next month, I recently had a conversation with a friend about being self-aware and blooming where you are planted. We looked back at my personal growth story and walk through faith over the past few years. If you knew me 6 years ago, I was anxious, in a mentally abusive relationship, and lacked a lot of self-confidence. The woman you see today is strong, self-aware, confident and has mastered how to bloom where you are planted in life. I've learned that life isn't always going to be filled with flowers but you can make the best with what you have in your garden. 

So when my photographer and I stumbled upon this mural on Atlanta's beltline trail I knew we had to photograph this for the blog. Atlanta is filled with murals around the city but this one, in particular, stood out to me. I love the abstract and bold flowers on this mural. They are a little rugged but they are standing tall and blooming. 


Photography by Amber Corbi