How to have the perfect Galentine's Day!


Everyone is gearing up for Valentine's Day on Wednesday. But did you know that tomorrow is Galentine's Day? It's a spinoff of Valentine's Day that is a day to celebrate yourself and your BFF's around you. So invite your best girlfriends over or prepare to cozy up at home alone. I'm teaming up with Babbleboxx to share tips on how to have the perfect Galentine's or Valentine's Day at home this year. With the right snacks, playlist, mood-setting accent decor, and drinks you can have a poppin' day filled with love this year.  Let's discuss how to have the perfect Galentine's day this year. 

The Essentials:

Something Sweet by Edible Arrangements

Everyone needs a little something sweet on Valentine's Day. The Be Mine Bouquet from Edible Arrangements is the perfect way to enjoy something special without wrecking your new years game plan. The balance between the dark chocolate and the fruit is just what every girl needs a little Vday love. 

Smart Snacks from Popcorn, Indiana

Plan to kick back tomorrow after work and watch a good chick flick while enjoying a popcorn from Popcorn, Indiana.  I love their Kettlecorn and Black and White Chocolate Drizzlecorn. It's GMO-Free-, free of fructose, and made with whole grains. The combination of the sweet and salty flavors satisfies my taste every time. 

A Little Love and Passion by Chesapeake Bay Candle

When hosting people in my home, I always love to brighten the room with a nice scented candle. This love + passion candle by Chesapeake Bay candle's mango and grapefruit scent is feminine and flirty perfect for a Galentine's day bash. 

Loungewear by Maidenform

Every girl needs a matching bra and panty set as a gift for Valentine's Day. Host a lingerie swap with your friends for Galentine's Day. Every person planning to attend rsvps with their sizing requirements and brings a new matching bra and panty set from Maidenform wrapped in a red bag. At the end of the night, everyone gets to go home with a gift. 

Toast to the evening with a glass of Lucky Traveler Blackberry Shandy

I have to admit I'm not really a beer drinker but I always stock the bar with the best libations for my friends. This Shandy by Lucky Traveler appeals to the fruit lovers pallet. This beer commands attention because it is made with fresh berries and has a unique fruity flavor. 

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