All-natural beauty routine


A few months ago on a trip to Earthfare, I discovered a line of all-natural beauty products by a company called Pacifica. A representative from the brand was in-store the day I was shopping and gave me a few samples to try. Well I’m absolutely hooked and have been using their products ever since. I had no clue they also sold their line at Target and Ulta.

In a conversation earlier in the summer, my friend asked me what was my beauty secret to getting smooth and perfect skin. I laughed and responded lotion and good genes. Until discovering Pacifica’s vital immersion deep hydrating mask and restorative roll-on face oil I didn’t have a moisturizing routine. I know the beauty experts are cringing as they are reading this post but the Pacifica brand has been a lifesaver. The deep hydrating mask can be worn overnight and the roll-on face oil I like to apply in the morning because it promotes good circulation.

The Pacifica line is just what I needed to simplify my all-natural beauty routine. What I love most about the Pacifica brand is that it’s 100% natural, organic and nontoxic.

I've kinda become a fitness junkie lately to prepare for my up coming trip to Aruba. The Pacifica enzymatic exfoliating wipes have been a real treat to my skin after a sweaty session at the bar. These peach and apricot infused wipes help remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin.

Words cannot express how much I've fallen in love with this line. I'm a strong believer in all things made from the earth.

*These products were sent to me by Pacifica in partnership with their exclusive line for Ulta.My opinions are my own.