The end of an era: Goodbye Eat.Drink.Shop.Love

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This month kicked off the eighth year of my blogging career. I have learned so much during the past eight years and Eat.Drink.Shop.Love has grown to new heights that I never expected to see. However, after today I am closing the door on Eat.Drink.Shop.Love and opening a new one. After today, there will be no more Eat.Drink.Shop.Love.

It’s been something that has been weighing on my heart for the past year. What to do with Eat.Drink.Shop.Love. I felt the need to expand my brand and have the blog grow up a bit. Don’t worry I’m not giving up the blog for good. I’m just re-branding. My blog and my brand are getting a much-needed adult facelift. I started Eat.Drink.Shop.Love during my first job fresh out of college and now almost a decade later my life and my interests have changed. 

The blog is getting a new name, a new look, and a fresh new focus. It’s a good change! I’m a little nervous about taking a leap into this new venture. I literally cried tears of joy about this new phase of life.

What to expect:

The content focus will still feature recipes, fashion advice, home decor, and my life Atlanta. But I will also now feature content focused on meal prepping, budgeting, travel, business advice, my faith, video content, Q&A interviews, and fitness tips and more. 

Moving forward, you don’t have to do anything. When you visit, you’ll be re-directed to the new site. My social media accounts will change slightly.

I’ll be sharing details of the new name change and its inspiration in my next blog post. To hear the news first, subscribe to my newsletter.

Later today, I’m thrilled to be launching and introducing you to my brand and new website design: After Sunday Dinner.

The Story of After Sunday Dinner

The name After Sunday Dinner came to me two years ago on a Sunday evening. The name came to me and I didn’t know what I was going to do with it at the time but I knew I was going to do something with it.

Why After Sunday Dinner?

Well, what do most people do after Sunday dinner with family and friends? They fellowship, they chat about everything from work to travel, they catch up on life. So that’s what I want this blog to feel like. I want it to be a community, a place where my readers can feel at home. That’s where the tagline “Where the conversation starts and the story begins” came in. I’m a storyteller at heart and have been for years. A conversation is the starting point to a new chapter. Businesses and relationships are often built at dinner tables. And Maybe they happen on or after a Sunday.

Two of my favorite quotes that really brought the vision together were “a shared table is a shared life” and “The fork is the most unassumed microphone.” 

The new name feels more “grown-up” and sophisticated. And it allows me to express myself in a way I haven’t before. And more importantly, it also allows me to invite you, my reader, to have a seat at the dinner table.

In my next blog post, I’ll be sharing more details about how my team and I worked together to built the new brand.

Jewel Hazelton